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Cindy Rachlin

Cindy Rachlin’s Testimonials:Cindy was not only extremely professional, but highly sensitive to the emotional pain involved with selling an apartment where parents had resided for more than 40 years. The apartment was beautiful, but had never been renovated, so it clearly would need some work by the new owners. Yet Cindy recognized the inherent worth and attractiveness of the apartment and she artfully pruned the furnishings, keeping many pieces for the showing, and supplementing them with many touches of her own.

Throughout the process, Cindy was delightful to work with. She was always accessible, by mail, phone, or in person, invariably responding promptly, courteously, and helpfully.

Aaron M.

Cindy is immensely energetic and kind. Her intelligence and humor are immediately apparent as well as her devotion to the task at hand.

David O.

Her resources for having the apartment professionally cleaned and painted was well worth the work. Her advice to stage the apartment and selecting the best stager made all the difference in the world in attracting offers well within and above my goal.

Robert D.

Her advice on marketing allowed the pricing of the apartment in a way to maximize buyer interest and traffic. Within four weeks of the listing, there were five offers and ultimately a bidding contest between two prospective buyers.

Barry S.

She is energetic, honest and straight forward.

She knows her business and really helps to determine a realistic price that will sell your property. She makes you feel as if you are her only concern and your property is number 1 in her priority and that your property will sell. She gives 100% of her attention down to the smallest matter.

Marsha B.

Although the apartment was on the market at a time of consistently disturbing economic news, and when one-bedrooms appeared to be a drug on the market, Cindy worked diligently to find the right buyer, going above and beyond to get the sale done.

From the beginning, Cindy was always enthusiastic and extremely quick to respond to any phone call or email.

Lucinda C.

From the beginning, I felt that Cindy was my advocate and friend. It’s not easy to sell a New York property while living in Texas, but Cindy was always aiming for my best interest, and I was perfectly comfortable being 2000 miles away. She worked very hard to sell this property.

Liana B.

Cindy stepped in and became more like a friend or surrogate daughter and, with patience and compassion, guided my mother every step of the way.

Amanda R.

While we were in Florida for 4 months, it was comforting to know that Cindy was totally in charge. She was constantly in touch with us on all happenings by phone and e-mail. We heard from her almost every day which is highly unusual. She had weekly open houses and followed up on all possible leads. She made us feel that we were he only client at that busy time of the year.

We’ve bought and sold other properties in the past with other brokers who don’t compare to Cindy. She is a hard act to follow.

Sandy & Max

I was residing in Paris, France. The six-hour time difference could have prevented a problem, but it did not because Cindy is always available to communicate, on phone and, more importantly given my situation, on email.

Alan S.

Cindy was always available to answer my questions and take care of any problems that arose. I was unprepared for the mountains of paperwork and rivers of red tape involved with selling real estate in New York City but Cindy guided me through those mountains and helped me navigate those rivers. I couldn’t have done it without her. In a word she was outstanding and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Doug T.

She came prepared with a solid pricing and sales plan, she had a list of vendors to help me with appraising and disposing of the contents of the apartment and supplied me with a current group of recommendations from other sellers. I contacted each of the sellers and received rave reviews on Cindy’s professionalism, communication skills and acumen on the local real estate market.

She guided me through the onerous and confusing process of selling a co-operative apartment, of which I had never dealt with before.

Aileen W.

Cindy showed a complete knowledge of the process of marketing, contracting, and the closing of an estate sale apartment. There was never a call to Cindy that went unanswered, and when we received an offer for the unit, Cindy was there immediately to assist the buyer in putting together the application to the co-op board.

Mark & Karen A.

I found her experience, knowledge of the market place, honesty and her willingness to go the extra mile on our behalf, exceptional.

Cindy was right on the ball and always available if I had a question. She kept me informed at each step of the sale.

It was easy to see that she had her client’s best interest at heart during every stage of the sale.

Charles S.

Eileen Dale Rappaport

The fastest sale in the history of NY. Wow! Bids came flying in before the first open house. Eileen is on top of her game at all times and a really compassionate person who understands the needs of a seller and the buyer. If there’s such a thing as a matchmaking real estate goddess then that’s Eileen.

Suzanne Mitchell 12/5/19

Eileen has a genuine flair for showing apartments and a persuasive energy for winning over buyers. After two sets of brokers failed to seal the deal on my apartment, Eileen swept in and had no trouble finding qualified buyers. Her irrepressible enthusiasm, smarts, and moxie make her a rarity in the real-estate world. 3/4/19 Belinda Lanks

Eileen gave so much during my search for an UWS apartment; she was my advocate, my planner, my sounding board, and is now my dear friend! Even during a complicated offering process that eventually fell-through, she supported me as I made the tough decision to keep looking. As it turned out, I ended up buying (and am so happy in) the first apartment she suggested for me. Right from the beginning, Eileen knew what I needed and was patient with me as I looked at many apartments before settling on the right one. I would be happy to answer questions about Eileen if you are considering engaging her- message me through FB anytime! 1/16/19 Heather Harrick

Eileen is the best! A broker and an interior designer! I moved to DC and needed someone to sell my place while I was away. Since the apartment was sitting empty, we needed to stage it, and after getting several outrageous quotes from staging companies, Eileen took it upon herself and did an amazing decorating job that cost us a fraction of the price - and the place looked stunning! No wonder we got 3 offers above asking after only 2 open houses!

She is motivated, determined and helped make sure the deal went through the whole co-op process. Eileen is also such a great person and we would be happy to work together again! 7/30/18 Daniel Fletcher

Working with Eileen is like hanging out with a friend. Easy and fun. She helps you every step of the way. We were moving back to NYC after 30 years in the burbs. A lot has changed but Eileen knew everything.....from finding a nice place, getting our bid accepted and passing our board interview! I definitely recommend Eileen if you are looking to sell your home or looking for a new one. 7/24/18 Peggy Chao

Moving to a new country with a family of 4 and starting a new job with limited leave is difficult, let alone finding accommodation. Eileen was super responsive, extremely helpful, patient, understanding and we found a 2 bedroom apartment for us that we live in UWS within days!! Eileen took the stress out of it all and has been so fantastic I keep going back to her about tips on living in UWS!! Absolutely love her and highly recommend!! 5/30/18 . Yvette So

I recently started a new job in NYC after living in DC for over 20 years. My wife and I (and baby daughter) essentially had one weekend to find a place to stay. Eileen dedicated her time over a few days to accompany us to visit a number of places and provided very helpful advice along the way. Once we settled on a place, she worked with us every step of the way through the application process and was always extremely responsive. I highly recommend working with Eileen, we are so glad that we did! 4/22/18 Bryan Smith

Just when we thought we were ready to move out of the city, Eileen serendipitously popped into our lives and found us a larger, affordable space in a wonderful neighborhood. She works tirelessly and enthusiastically, and provided continuous support and dedication every step of the way. 4/19/18 Josh Sachs

We came all the way from Tucson, Arizona and were not sure what to expect looking at rentals in New York City after living in the suburbs of Arizona our whole lives. We had already made a few trips out and worked with agents who kept showing us things we definitely DIDN'T want, and were giving up hope that we would find something we liked. Eileen actually listened to our concerns and needs and wants and I can tell you we never would have found such a great rental if it hadn't been for her help. She negotiated great move in terms and has been helpful and available every step of the way. After 25 years in the housing business, I can honestly say Eileen is the perfect combination of professional and friendly and she LISTENS-- I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to represent their best interests renting or buying in NYC!

Denny Ceizyk Jr.

Roberta Feldman

Roberta found us the perfect apartment. She was professionally relentless in getting us the right price. She stayed with us through every step of the process, large or small. She is a whip smart, savvy negotiator, and, best of all she is compassionate and patient. We will absolutely be referring Roberta to our friends and business associates.

"We have been searching for an apartment for close to a year and happened upon Roberta by accident. It was the best thing ever. As first time homebuyers, we couldn’t ask for anything better. She definitely knows the ins and outs of the business. Roberta was very attentive and listened to our very long list of ‘demands’. She also provided very good and honest advice that definitely helped during various critical decision making times. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Roberta never left any questions unanswered, no matter what time of the day. She is always on time (if not early) on all our appointments and returned all phone calls and emails literally the second she received them. We never felt neglected or unimportant. Roberta even provided us with a lot of recommendations even after we have closed on the apartment. We would highly recommend Roberta to anyone looking to buy a home. In our opinion, she is hands down the best in the business and if we ever need to find a new place again she will always be our first choice.” - Emily & Ellen

Roberta was referred to me by a close friend. The minute we met I knew I didn’t have to speak to any other brokers. After the first open house we received multiple offers and she was able get $30,000 over the asking price!

I highly recommend Roberta. She will navigate you through the entire process without any aggravation.

Emily Rudolf

I’m very glad I hired Roberta to sell my apartment. Throughout the process, her advice was invaluable. She was a tremendous help in preparing the apartment for sale— everything from painting to decluttering to rearranging furniture.

Her pricing strategy worked beautifully. We listed the apartment at a very competitive price and attracted over a hundred people to the open house. We received so many offers that we ended up getting $162,000 over the asking price.

Roberta went above and beyond what I would have expected a real estate broker to do. She was available any time day or night for any questions I had. My father, who has sold many properties in New York and in Florida said that Roberta was the most professional broker he had ever been involved with. I highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs.

Jamie Levine

Roberta Feldman was my broker during my search for an affordable one bedroom apartment after my divorce. Thanks to Roberta, I eventually bought a 900-square foot one-bedroom in a Park Avenue building. Roberta never gave up and her suggestions were always on target. She did not waste my time and is a very good listener. When I found myself in a bidding war, Roberta’s experience and good advice resulted in my getting the apartment without having to go over the asking price.

Laura Rubin, Esq.

Hi Mark,

I'm writing to let you know about our great home buying experience with Roberta Feldman last August. Douglas Elliman matched us with Roberta due to our extreme inexperience with home buying and Roberta's expert level knowledge. Due to Roberta's keen eye and her ability to understand what we were looking for, we found an apartment much more quickly than we expected. We were all ecstatic when we submitted an offer and were accepted less than a few weeks into the apartment hunt. She managed our entire coop package, helped us put a mortgage together and recommended a lawyer who was great to work with. We spoke to Roberta before our coop board interview, and thanks to her confidence, we entered the interview without a doubt that we'd get the apartment. We got the apartment without any issues...and we have loved living in it ever since. With her help, the process went as smooth as it possibly could. Thank you so much for gifting us with Roberta to help us find our home here in Manhattan.


David Dansereau

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, hard-working real estate broker who will also make the process of buying or selling fun and entertaining, then Roberta Feldman is the broker for you.

She shared listings with us that we would not have known about otherwise and each one was right in our sweet spot.
>br> Roberta brought us to a property that we would have never found on our own. It was love at first sight when we walked into the space. We knew that this was going to be our new home. From the moment we met, we knew that we were in good hands with Roberta and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Daryl Piget

If you’re thinking about listing your home, you should place your confidence in Roberta. She put the game plan together and gave wise counsel along the way. Most importantly, we sold my home for more than I was expecting. Roberta demonstrated a high degree of competence, honesty, integrity and grace every step of the way. I highly recommend her for all your residential real estate needs.

Sincerely, KB

"Roberta was a godsend in an arduous and drawn-out transaction. Her willingness in working around our crazy work schedules, ability to build a rapport with the sellers' ever-changing cast of decision-makers and business acumen kept a transaction on track and closed. She never gave up hope on getting us into our dream apartment, even when we were frustrated and ready to walk away. We are so thankful for that, especially now that we are ensconced in our apartment happily"

Fen Yee Teh

Elka Heino

“We have found the Elka Heino/John Benetos team by far the best.”

We have been investing in real estate since 1978 in the Boston and Manhattan, New York areas. Over the years we have purchased and sold 27 residential condominiums, office condominiums, and single family homes. We have had the opportunity to work with a large numbers of real estate professionals.

We have found the Elka Heino/John Benetos team by far the best. We recently bought a condominium in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The service we received from Elka and John was superb. They also assisted us in renting the facility.

We take pleasure in pointing out something special about the Elka/John team. In the past we have worked with individual real estate professionals. While they have done a decent job for us, they have not always been available when needed. The team comprised of Elka and John is different. With the team approach, we found that one of them is always available and knowledgeable on every issue of concern to us.

We highly recommend the Elka Heino/John Benetos team to any person that is interested in the purchase & sale or rental of real estate property.

R. E. Investors

“While we had our own broker, we feel that it was Elka and John that brought the deal to a successful ending.”

We want to thank you both and congratulate you on your professionalism. While you represented the seller we feel that you also represented us. While we had our own broker, we feel that it was Elka and John that brought the deal to a successful ending.
Being non-residents trying to buy a co-op in Manhattan, we found ourselves with quite a few difficulties and obstacles that we had to overcome. And only with your help we were able to do so.

It’s remarkable and lucky for us, that we were fortunate to have met a seller’s broker that provided the service to help both, the seller’s party as well as us, the purchasers.

Thank you Elka & John, you are quite a team! Professional, honest and hardworking.

Raquel & Rafael C.

“I want to recognize the outstanding and highly professional attitude of Ms. Elka Heino and John Benetos”

I want to share my deep satisfaction with the service provided by Elka Heino and John Benetos to me for more than a year.
I am a very demanding customer with specific requirements. Elka and John understood me from the beginning, looked properties according to my needs, were available 24/7 and always with patience and a smile.
They made my purchase procedure an enjoyable experience, which I heard from my friends and peers at work can be a nightmare.
Prudential Elliman should be proud of having them in their staff.

Jose F. MD

“I was incredibly impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and amazing attention to detail.”
I would like to thank you for everything you did these last few months to make my apartment sale in New York a pleasant one. I was incredibly impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and amazing attention to detail. After just a couple of conversations with you, I had complete confidence in your ability to efficiently manage the sale of my apartment. This is even more impressive because my primary residence is in California. Elka and John did a fantastic job on keeping me constantly updated and ensuring that I received all the necessary paperwork and information to make my sale smooth and painless.

You certainly went above and beyond the call of duty by offering numerous open houses and private showings at all hours of the day and even on holidays. The marketing material was also better than any I have seen delivered in my mailbox or slid under my door.

Throughout the entire apartment selling process I have been impressed with your thoroughness, kindness, honesty and knowledge. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone wanting to sell real estate in New York.

Leon S.

“This Letter is my personal thank you letter for The Heino Benetos Team for their high quality support they provided me.”

This letter is my personal thank you letter for the Heino Benetos team for their high quality support they provided me with in my recent search for an accommodation in New York City. They delivered a very high quality service during all the steps of the search, including a great support for the conclusion of the lease and the follow up actions.

Elka Heino was especially a great asset in this process, being able to listen to and understand my needs, and therefore only showing me accommodations that would meet my expectations. Her capacity to understand my needs and especially of great importance as I needed to find an apartment in a short period of time, which did not allow me to lose time by visiting apartments of no interest.

Her great professionalism inspires a strong confidence in her judgment, which is all the more important when you are a foreigner looking for the first time for an apartment in New York.

Elka was also a great asset for helping me to settle all the documentation related to the lease as well as the follow up, when some actions were needed to smooth my move.

Elka never counted her time during the entire process and was extraordinarily helpful for the procedures needed to enter into a new apartment. Against this background, I highly recommended Elka Heino within my organization for my next colleagues that will need to search for an apartment in New York;

Geoffroy G.

“Perhaps the most outstanding qualities were their individual and collective abilities to be supportive and informative to us throughout the process from showing to closing.”

This letter is written to acknowledge the outstanding services and support provided by Elka Heino and John Benetos to me and my husband, Gerard as we sought to sell our one bedroom apartment on West 57th Street in New York City. Prior to working with Elka and John, we had worked with two other real estate brokers. Each experience was disappointing with regard to a marketing plan and comprehensive communication.

Elka and John distinguished not only themselves but the standard associated with Prudential Douglas Elliman. They combined practical concerns with aesthetic consideration and consistently managed to keep us actively involved. Perhaps the most outstanding qualities were their individual and collective abilities to be supportive and informative to us throughout the process from showing to closing.

I’m sure you realize how rare it is to combine processional acumen with personal sensitivity. My congratulations on having two employees, Elka Heino and John Benetos, who exemplify that unique blend. With best wishes and kind regards.

Candace & Gerard M.

“I would recommend your team work and each of you individually without hesitation”

I am writing to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf in connection with the property I have acquired and already own. Your services to me, both in making a purchase of an apartment in Manhattan, as well as renting out a difficult property in Queens, New York, have been invaluable. I would recommend your team work and each of you individually without hesitation to anyone interested in investing in real estate in New York City.

Your efforts have been unflagging, even in light of some difficult times. I am sure that my real estate investments would not be as successful without your enthusiastic dedication to ensure that the properties are maintained well, and rented in good order to responsible clients.Again, thank you both for your outstanding work as a team.

Cecilia L.G, Esq.
President and CEO

“John and Elka were our exclusive agents, and they did an excellent job promoting our apartment, obtaining the best possible price.”

John F. Benetos represented us as our broker for the sale of our apartment on East 22nd St. together with his partner Elka Heino. John and Elka were our exclusive agents, and they did an excellent job promoting our apartment, obtaining the best possible price, and seeing the sale through to a successful conclusion.

John promoted our apartment aggressively through the internet, emails, newspapers; custom designed mailing and frequent open houses. He diligently followed up with interested parties and regularly provided us with feedback. He was knowledgeable about the real estate market and constantly researched other apartments and prices in the neighborhood to make sure that our apartment was priced accurately. He continued his promotion efforts with the same dedication and intensity until a contract was signed. After the contract signing, John continued to work with the buyers, attorneys and managing agents to ensure a successful closing.

John and Elka were wonderful to work with. During open houses and showings, they showed extreme care to protect both our cat and our belongings. They always made a point to arrive early for showings to make sure that the apartment was ready for customers. When we were out of the country during the closing period, John and Elka worked with the building personnel and movers to empty out the contents of our apartment and get it ready for the new owners.

John and Elka were dedicated to the sale of our apartment in every possible way. Their professionalism as real estate agents, combined with their friendly and committed approach, made it a pleasure for us to work with them. We are more than happy to recommend their services to other sellers and management companies.

David & Olcay G.

“I have never seen a more motivated more focused more tenacious real estate sales persons”

I am a Florida licensed attorney and a Florida Real estate broker. In my more than 50 years in real estate I have never seen a more motivated more focused more tenacious real estate sales person. My rental in Manhattan is a pre-war fifth floor walk up and in combination my co-op was rebuilding the only stairway in the building during the six month rental period making access difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Ms. Heino made uncountable walking forays to show my apartment during the worst Winter in recent memory, bad weather did not slow her down one bit, in fact it is my opinion that she accepted the problems of the rental as a challenge and opportunity to get her daily exercise on the job (if life give you lemons, make lemonade). Some shareholders consider my co-op management company as difficult to deal with, but Ms. Heino built a professional relationship with the property manager and helped my prospective tenant run the gauntlet of co-op board approval and move-in.

In my experienced view she is the ultimate professional and highly recommend The Heino Benetos Team for any opportunity in real estate sales or rentals.

Harry K.

Sahnye Waldrum

I had a very short window of time and a very long apartment wish list. Sahnye worked long and hard to accommodate both, finding me a place to call home in a matter of days. Her positive professional attitude is a pleasure to work with.


My two roommates and I were very nervous about making the move from Boston to NYC, but Sahnye made everything so easy. Besides listening to all our needs and finding us the perfect apartment, she was always cheerful and made the apartment hunting experience fun / exciting. It was one of the best realtor experiences I've had.

Thank you, Eric

"Finding an apartment with Sahnye was great. She made it an easy and enjoyable experience. On the first day out she showed me a handful of great places including the exact one I was looking for. I definitely recommend Sahnye and will give her a call the next time I need to find a new place."


"Within two days, Sahnye found the perfect apartment for me: a gut renovated, true one bedroom in the West Village with a dishwasher, in-unit washer and dryer, closet space, and tons of light - at $300 below market price. In short, she is a genius." - Katie

I am very satisfied with my apartment hunt experience with Sahnye. She took a personal interest in my search for the right apartment within my budget. I had a very tight timeline to find an apartment and she worked very hard (in freezing weather) to take me to see a lot of different places on such short notice. Her friendly attitude and commitment to her clients is impressive. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her. She doesn't just leave you after you find the apartment as well, but regularly checks in to see if everything is okay and if I needed help with anything. Thank you Sahnye for making my big move to New York very smooth and pleasant.


Sahnye Waldrum made my New York City apartment search efficient and effective. She gave me clear guidance regarding the information I needed to apply for, and to successfully rent, an apartment in the West Village. Her advice was particularly valuable to me as someone from out-of-state seeking to rent an apartment in the competitive New York City area. Sahnye's positive attitude and her ability to focus on my requirements exceeded my expectations and gave me top-of-the-line service at all times.




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